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How to accredit foreign university qualifications

As set forth by the Ministry of Education, Social Policy and Sport, the accreditation of a qualification is the official recognition of training completed overseas in order to obtain a Spanish qualification included in the Catalogue of official university qualifications.

From the date on which the accreditation is granted and the relevant credential is issued, the overseas qualification has the same legal effects as the equivalent Spanish qualification, throughout the country, as set forth in current laws.

Qualifications which may be accredited are all foreign higher education qualifications which demonstrate the completion and passing of the relevant cycle of education, including any periods of practical training or work placements required. The qualification must be issued by the competent authority in accordance with the national legislation of the country to whose education system the qualification belongs.

Accreditation of the qualification must be requested with another listed on the Catalogue of official university qualifications in force and fully implemented in at least one Spanish university.

Accreditation will not take place if:

  1. The qualification has no official academic validity in the country of origin.
  2. The universities in question do not have the necessary authorisation for teaching these courses, or if the teaching provided for the foreign qualification for which the accreditation is requested were not in full effect at the foreign university or higher education institute at the time the qualification was obtained.
  3. The qualification has already been accredited in Spain, or has been subjected to accreditation in order to continue studying in Spain.

In order for the accreditation process to be completed, all documentation provided must be official and issued by the competent authorities, in accordance with the legislation of the country of origin.

The criteria for accreditation of foreign qualification are as follows:

  1. A correspondence between the required academic level for access to overseas study and access to the Spanish course.
  2. The duration and number of hours taught during the course.
  3. A correspondence between the academic level of the foreign qualification and the Spanish qualification.
  4. The course content completed in order to obtain the overseas qualification.
  5. The accreditation of a Spanish first degree, architect or engineer, or to an official Degree.
  6. When the course for the Spanish qualification has been harmonised by virtue of European Community Directives.

Accreditation of qualification will be granted with the issue of a credential from the General Sub-directorate of Qualifications, Convalidations and Accreditation. Upon issue of this document, the accreditation will be listed in a special section of the National Register of Official Qualifications.