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Georgia Symons
241 Vicarage Road
London E10 5GH

15 de Julio de 2003

Mr G Brown
Summerbee and Partners
47 Kippax Street
Liverpool L1 3YH

Dear Mr Brown,

I am writing in response to your recent advertisement in PROSPECTS TODAY for a trainee market research analyst. I am in the final year of a four year course in International Marketing with French at UMIST and I will graduate in June.
As you can see from my enclosed CV, I have gained considerable knowledge and experience of market research and also speak French fluently, which I hope would be an asset to an international firm like Summerbee and Partners. During my degree I have chosen options in both Marketing and Market Research and, my final year, I undertook an ambitious and demanding research project that looked at the differences between British and French consumers´buying habits. This involved travel, interviews, data collection and analysis: an important introduction to some of the key features of a career in market research. My vacation job, with Skellett and Raymond, confirmed my commitment to this career and gave me additional practical experience.

As well as having relevant knowledge and experience, I believe I possess the personal qualities that you ask for in your advertisement. I have shown imagination and creativity, especially when trying to sell canoeing to sceptical students. I am a good communicator and have seized every opportunity to give presentations both inside and outside University. I have the analytical skills you seek, demonstrated by a good Maths A level, relevant undergraduate courses and a demanding and responsable vacation job. Finally, I have shown myself to be motivated by business and want to be part of a successful international organisation.

To learn more about Market Research, I have attended careers fairs, talked to practitioners and read recruitment brochures. I first learnt of Summerbee at an evening presentation at UNIST and I was impressed with the enthusiasm of the staff I met. But what made me determined to apply was your absolute commitment to training and development, which, as I have learnt from my degree, are the prerequisites of a growing business.

I am available for work in July this year and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Georgia Symons

Fuente: : Resume Catalog: 200 Damn Good Examples, 1996